Turn pageviews into pipeline

Identify the companies already visiting your website and convert them into high-value leads.

Identify Website Visitors

Leadfeeder identifies the names of the companies visiting your website.

  • Turn anonymous traffic into real company names
  • Reveal the exact behavior of the companies visiting your website
  • Identify remote workers with Leadfeeder’s unique database of static and dynamic IP’s

Helping you build a clean prospecting list that you can plug into your sales tools and generate new leads from, right away? That’s hard.

Data accuracy is our #1 priority at Leadfeeder.

That’s why we are the only prospecting company to offer a 95% or higher accuracy guarantee.

B2B Prospecting with 95% Data Accuracy – Build prospecting lists free from dodgy data, bad-fit buyers and low-qualified leads.

Go From Lead to Deal, Faster – Leadfeeder generates clean lists that you can push straight to your favorite outreach tools and CRM.

Find ready-to-buy sales leads

The people who visit your website are much more likely to buy than someone who has never heard of you. Don’t let those ready-to-buy leads escape.

Build better sales pitches

See what content prospects are interested in and use that information in your pitches. Anticipate their needs before you ever speak to them.

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