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How Much Does Birdeye Cost?birdeye pricing

BirdEye is a reputation management and customer experience platform designed to help businesses collect, monitor, and market customer reviews.

The platform’s primary features include review generation, monitoring, survey, benchmarking, and more.

By leveraging customer feedback from across various channels, BirdEye helps businesses boost their online reputation, improve customer service, and drive traffic and sales.

How Much Is Birdeye Per Month?

how much is birdeye per month

As for the pricing, it’s important to note that software companies, especially SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms, often adjust their pricing over time based on market conditions, product enhancements, and other factors. 

BirdEye typically offers different pricing levels depending on features, number of locations, and other parameters.

Here are some general categories of pricing that companies like BirdEye might offer:

  1. Starter: For small businesses looking to get started with reputation management. This package may have the basic features like review monitoring and generation for a limited number of locations or platforms.

  2. Professional: Geared towards medium-sized businesses or those with slightly more advanced needs. This level might offer additional features such as survey tools, competitive benchmarking, and integrations with other software.

  3. Business: Targeted at larger businesses with multiple locations. This level would likely offer all the features of the previous levels, plus some advanced capabilities like support for more review sites, more extensive reporting, and possibly even features like webchat.

  4. Enterprise: Custom solutions for large corporations or franchises with very specific needs. Pricing and features here are typically negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

  5. Additional Features/Add-ons: Some companies offer additional tools or services at an added cost, such as SEO services, detailed analytics, or social media monitoring.

If you are considering BirdEye for your business, I’d recommend reaching out to their sales or support team.

They can provide you with the most up-to-date information on their product offerings and pricing levels.

How Does Birdeye Work?

BirdEye is a comprehensive platform designed to manage and enhance a company’s online reputation through customer feedback.

The tool works by focusing on several key areas related to reputation management and customer experience. Here’s an overview of how BirdEye functions:

Review Generation

birdeye review generation

Automatic Review Requests

BirdEye enables businesses to send automated review requests to customers via SMS, email, or other channels after a transaction or interaction.

Customizable Templates

Businesses can customize the message templates to ensure they align with their brand voice.

Review Monitoring

birdeye review monitoring


BirdEye aggregates reviews from over 150 online review sources, allowing businesses to monitor their online reputation across various platforms from a single dashboard.

Real-time Notifications

The platform notifies businesses in real-time when a new review is posted, enabling timely responses.

Review Marketing

birdeye review marketing

Website Widgets

BirdEye provides widgets that can showcase positive reviews on a company’s website.

Social Media Integration

Positive reviews can be automatically shared on social media channels to boost online presence.

Customer Surveys

birdeye customer sentiment surveys

Custom Surveys

BirdEye allows businesses to design and distribute custom surveys to gather specific feedback.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) Surveys

Companies can gauge customer loyalty and satisfaction using the NPS methodology.

Competitor Analysis

birdeye competitor analysis

BirdEye offers features that allow businesses to benchmark their online reputation against competitors. This helps companies identify areas of improvement and capitalize on strengths.

Ticketing & Issue Resolution

birdeye ticketing and issue resolution

When negative feedback or specific issues are highlighted, BirdEye’s ticketing system allows businesses to create tickets and ensure timely resolution.

Insights & Reporting

birdeye Insights & Reporting

BirdEye provides detailed analytics on customer feedback, helping businesses identify trends, areas of concern, and opportunities for improvement.


birdeye integrations

BirdEye can integrate with various CRM (Customer Relationship Management), PMS (Property Management System), and POS (Point of Sale) systems.

This seamless integration ensures that the process of sending out review requests and gathering feedback is automated and aligned with a company’s existing operations.

Messaging & Webchat

birdeye messaging and webchat

Some versions of BirdEye offer two-way messaging and webchat features, allowing businesses to communicate directly with customers in real-time.

The platform’s primary aim is to make it easier for businesses to engage with their customers, act on feedback, and enhance their online reputation.

By doing so, businesses can drive more traffic, trust, and sales.

It’s worth noting that while BirdEye offers a range of features, the exact functionalities available might vary depending on the subscription or package chosen by the business.

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Whether you have 1, 10 or 10,000 locations, we got you covered.

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