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Uscreen is an all-in-one video monetization platform that enables individuals and companies of all sizes to sell their videos online, through the web or on their branded OTT apps. Uscreen also has a built-in live streaming feature that allows people to presell their live streams. 


  • Provides video hosting (certain amount of storage included in all plans)
  • Secure payment processing
  • Customizable website and landing pages builder
  • Allows creators to presell live streams (Amplify and Enterprise plans)
  • Builds TV and mobile OTT apps (Enterprise plan)
  • Built-in marketing tools and sequences for abandoned cart and reduce churn
  • Rich spectrum of integrations, including Zapier access
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Consolidation is Key. From platforms in programmatic like The Trade Desk or Verizon Media, in social media like Facebook or TikTok, in search like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, or in video like YouTube and Hulu – Humming helps you reach your customers across all these places.

Connected to over 30 media platforms and more than 70 data partners, Humming offers the greatest net audience reach on the market. Humming helps you manage ads across every channel from a single platform. Behind the scenes, a dedicated team and some pretty cool tech get you the best bang for your buck.

From creative to strategy, optimization to reconciliation, we’re here for you every step of the way.

A powerful technology platform coupled with an experienced team of media buyers, designers, and strategists help you develop a data-driven media plan.

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