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There are many ways to craft an SEO campaign. At Digital Media Ninja, we create balanced strategies. We balance technical and content SEO; on-page and off-page SEO; and so on. This holistic strategy is what generates the best results for our clients.

Technical vs. Content SEO. Our specialists don't put one above the other; to improve your rank, we have to execute both. We have a team who makes smart tweaks on your website design to make it more SEO-friendly. And we have a separate team who generates keyword-rich content.

On-Page vs. Off-Page SEO. We implement changes in your website, as well as its backlink profile, to cover all bases. Your website will receive some adjustments and get links from authoritative, relevant sites. Both changes will make your site more reliable in the eyes of Google.

SEO doesn't generate results overnight. It will take several weeks for us to see movement in your rank (our team can give you a rough timeline). However, this is a sustainable digital campaign that lays the foundation for continued success. The ranking is well worth the wait.


Content Aligned with Search Intent. Google puts a premium on websites that give users what they want. We ensure that your content aligns with the intent of the user, whether that's searching for more information, looking for options, or buying your products.

Excellent Keyword Research. Digital Media Ninja boasts experienced SEO analysts who'll determine the keywords you should rank for. Then, these keywords will be organically inserted in your content to optimize your site.

Technical Tweaks on Your Website. User experience is important in SEO. We make changes on your site to improve UX. For example, we make your site load faster, fix broken links, optimize the images, make it more navigable, etc.

Better Backlinks. In the eyes of Google, backlinks are a vote of confidence from other authoritative sites. A strong backlink profile increases your chances of ranking, so we will fortify your site with high-quality links.


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