SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit Course

semrush content marketing

Table of Contents

SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit Course

Get expert tips and advice on using our toolkit to really maximize your content marketing efforts.

Module 1. Content Analysis and Optimization - Learn how to use Semrush SEO Writing Assistant as you develop strong content and a winning social media strategy. You'll also learn how to use the Content Audit tool to review your content and measure its effectiveness.

Module 2. Content Research and Ideation - You will learn how to use the Keyword Magic Tool to research valuable ideas for your content strategy and create content that is both focused on users' pain points and values and SEO optimized. Topic research and the SEO Content Template are also featured.

Module 3. Content Distribution - You will find out how to develop a distribution approach that will get your content noticed. Discover how the Brand Monitoring tool and Social Media Poster will help you get your optimized content discovered by Google. Content distribution will never be easier.

Module 4. Content Performance and Management - Learn how the Post Tracking tool monitors the performance of your content, helping you decide what is resonating with your target audience. See how the Marketing Calendar will help you manage the release of your new content.

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