vs Quillbot’s plagiarism checker: Which one is better and why?

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  • vs Quillbot’s plagiarism checker: Which one is better and why? vs Quillbot's plagiarism checker: Which one is better and why?

AI plagiarism checker online is a true professional aid for bloggers, content writers, students, researchers, and educators. 

These tools have vast built-in databases (online and offline documents including e-books, blogs, pdf files, semantic datasets, research papers, journals, etc.) to verify if the user’s provided content is plagiarized or not. 

These tools are beneficial in preventing users from publishing other’s work without citing, legal consequences of plagiarism (direct or indirect), and maintaining ethical standards in content creation

This article will concentrate on and compare two of the most popular, authentic, and advanced plagiarism checkers online, recommended for both professional and non-professional users. vs Quillbot’s Plagiarism Checker

Both and Quillbot’s Plagiarism Checker are well-known AI tools for the authentic detection of duplicated text, its source, and plagiarism reports.

The following is a brief comparison of the specialties of both online plagiarism checkers. 

Features and Qualities Plagiarismchecker.aiQuillbot’s Plagiarism Checker
Free or paidPaid Paid 
Prepares a detailed plagiarism report Yes Yes 
Source and link of the original siteProvide source and link for the copied text Provide source and link for the copied text 
Number of words per submission Allows 25,000 words/entry to check for plagiarism100pages/month (250 words/page)
User-friendly Yes Yes 
Multilingual content checking 25+ languages 100+ languages
Safety for user’s data Absolutely safe and does not store user data in repositories Absolutely safe and does not store user data in repositories
Best forAcademic and web content checking Professional writers and agencies 

By cross-checking the provided text against billions of previously published blogs, e-books, journals, magazines, or other material, the can catch even a single copied sentence within seconds. 

It is capable of verifying up to 25,000 words per attempt, locating the source of the original site for the duplicated text, and generating a detailed plagiarism report to be used as a reference or proof for the user’s convenience. 

plagiarism checker

This AI plagiarism checker helps students, researchers, bloggers, and other professionals avoid publishing copied content by timely identification, preventing legal penalties, and defaming brands or organizations. 


Distinguish unique and copied text by %age

For easy understanding, the tool provides the user with a quantitative measure of how much their content is unique. It can help gauge the authenticity of users’ work and how much they need to change the content to make it unique. 

Generates a detailed plagiarism report 

To be used as proof or reference, the user can get a detailed plagiarism report (downloadable, shareable, and printable) having:

  • The percentage of unique and plagiarized text 
  • Source and link for the sentences individually 

Locate the source and link for the plagiarized text 

To further facilitate the user, the tool will correctly provide the source and link of the site from where the text was copied. It is helpful for users to cite the original author. 

Affordable, authentic, and efficient 

Online plagiarism checker earns its position as the best platform for detecting duplicated text due to its authenticity, affordability, and capability to cross-check the provided text against billions of online and offline documents in the blink of an eye. 

Pricing offers three pricing packages for the varying requirements of its users. All packages include “deep plagiarism checking, a detailed report for analysis, monthly subscription, and multilingual content checking for plagiarism risk”.

  1. Starter plan ($5/10,000 words)
  2. Professional plan ($10/100,000 words)
  3. Agency plan ($100/1million words)


  • Affordable and authentic
  • Smart tool for efficient detection of the copied text 
  • Capable of identifying even a single copied sentence among millions of words
  • Userfriendly and secure for user’s data
  • Best alternative to Turnitin for checking plagiarism in research papers
  • Provides plagiarism report in PDF format 
  • Provide source and link for the copied text 
  • Features billions of online and offline documents to compare the provided content


  • No free trials
  • Limited word count 

Quillbot’s Plagiarism Checker

AI plagiarism checker by Quillbot is another widely-used software for effortless and accurate checking of plagiarism in academic or web content

Its multilingualism, accuracy of detection of copied content, affordable and flexible pricing packages, and plagiarism report are a few of its key specialties. 

Additionally, it is completely safe for users’s data and does not store the inserted content in repositories. The tool is beneficial for both professionals and non-regular users in ensuring the originality of their writing. 


Identify and distinguish unique & copied text in %age 

The results issued by the plagiarism checker online in the form of percentages are the easiest way of representing the originality status of a piece of writing

Downloadable and shareable plagiarism report 

A detailed plagiarism report provided by the tool is helpful for the user for easy navigation of the parts of their writing that need to be altered or removed. 

Provide source and link for the original site 

Taking help from its built-in vast databases, the plagiarism checker online will provide the source and link for the site from where the copied sentence was taken. 

Marked characters in the text

Wherever the tool finds a copied text or sentence, it will highlight that text in red for the ease of the user. It helps the user quickly identification of plagiarized sentences to either remove them or rewrite them. 

Multilingual content checking 

The plagiarism detector by Quillbot is capable of checking the content in 100+ different languages enabling the user to cross-verify their content across a diverse linguistic spectrum. 


Qullbot offers 3 premium packages with a trial of 3 days and a full refund policy if you do not find the tool satisfactorily authentic. 

  • Monthly ($9.95/month)
  • Semi-annual ($6.66/month)
  • Annual ($4.17/month) 


  • Affordable, accurate, and reliable 
  • Mark the copied sentence throughout the content 
  • Provide the results in %age form
  • Generates a PDF plagiarism report 
  • Capable of detecting the content in 100+ languages 
  • Safe and secure for users 


  • Limited word count per subscription 
  • Not advanced in features 

Summary and Quillbot’s Plagiarsim Checker are the most accurate, easy-on-budget, and authentic platforms for satisfactory content checking for plagiarism. 

However, if we talk about which one is better, then I would select “” due to its matchless capability of detecting plagiarism and incomparable user-friendly features. I

t is equally simple for novices as well as experts.

On the other hand, the plagiarism detector by Quillbot is also a precise and efficient tool for accurate checking of the content. It is recommended for regular users.



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