How to Build Up Your SEO Ranking With a VPN

using a vpn at work

Good SEO is a business’s best marketing cost-saving measure. It is far cheaper to optimize your content than to splash out on costly paid search and advertising.

Unfortunately, SEO is time-consuming because search engines constantly tweak their algorithms. Keyword search results vary dramatically across countries, states, and local areas.

These geographic boundaries make it difficult for businesses that hope to become successful across geographical borders and market products in other countries.

Your website might be number one in a particular US state but fail miserably to gain traction in other states or the rest of the world.

We have the solution to this problem. Read on for a simple way to overcome differences in geographical search results and help your business shine in different locations.

Good SEO Is Not Just a Box-Ticking Exercise

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A search engine’s job is to ensure searchers find relevant, high-quality data.

If you adhere to Google’s guidelines, your website will have a better chance of getting higher on search results pages. But that is not enough to beat the ranking.

Despite the well-documented requirements and many tips and guides, great SEO is more than just a box-ticking exercise.

Even if you adhere to all the rules, you’re wasting your time if the content is not helpful.

Fortunately, tools like VPN can help you identify relevant topics for your target audience and create quality content for better ranking results. 

A VPN Can Multiply the Impact of SEO

a vpn can multiply impact of seo

A VPN creates a closed, encrypted digital pathway between your device and the internet. It prevents outsiders from seeing what websites you frequent and what files you download. With a VPN, you can:

  • alter your virtual location, 
  • mask your IP address, 
  • hide your browsing activity and downloads, 
  • observe worldwide and local trends without restrictions. 

VPNs present a solution to search results’ geographical limitations. By enabling a VPN, you can alter your IP address, enabling you to view regional search results as if you were a local.

These results allow you to examine your competitors’ local advertising strategies, landing pages, and promotions. This knowledge can give you an edge on the internet.

An Example of Using a VPN for SEO Work

using a vpn for work

Here’s a practical experiment to see how search results may differ based on regions. Let’s take the case of a leather sandal shoe company.

You’re based in the US, where you have established an excellent local ranking. But you’ve discovered that there may be a sizable market for your sandals in Canada. 

Suppose, you want to rank for “natural leather sandals” in Canada. In that case, you must first understand what Canadians are searching for, what the competition is doing, and the aspirations of your target audience.

To see how a searcher’s location might influence your marketing, pick a keyword and do an online search.

These search results will show local businesses in your area based on your IP location. It won’t have the same results as when a Canadian does a local search.

However, changing your IP location to Canada tricks search engines into showing you your Canadian target audience’s content environment.

That’s the best way to discover how they think, which will help you design better campaigns. 

How to Get Local SEO Results Using a VPN

why vpn is important for seo keywrod research

For the next step, connect to your VPN app. Select a server in your target location and do your keyword search.

Keep in mind that some VPNs have Chrome extensions with a quick location change button right in your web panel. Extensions are very convenient, although they can’t offer the same protection level as VPN apps. 

If you don’t have a VPN yet, you can use “Developer tools” to change your location on Chrome. Next, clear your search history or restart Chrome.

However, this setting change takes longer and is nowhere near as effective as connecting via a VPN server in the country you are researching.

Google’s tracking technology will still know who you are and change the results to fit your previous search history and habits.

Still, the differences between the two sets of search results may be enough to illustrate the point.

Other Benefits of Using a VPN for SEO Work

a vpn can prevent others from accessing your connection quote on graphic

A VPN allows you to change your IP address on demand and stay anonymous online. It has several benefits for online businesses.

Do Better Competitor Analysis

You have to know what your competitors are doing. That’s the only way to avoid their mistakes and do things better.

However, if you constantly prowl your rival’s websites and social media, they’ll notice your frequent visits. They could ban your IP address.

If you use a VPN between visits, you will remain unnoticed. It will mask your frequent visits. You’ll have the edge and can keep the competition guessing. 

Keeping Your Data Pure 

When adding products or content, avoid distorting your traffic analytics. Just change your IP location to a country other than where you are located.

For instance, if you live in New York, you can set your IP location to an exotic location like Istanbul so you can quickly identify your own visits. This trick prevents artificial location-based traffic peaks that could skew your analytics.

Use a VPN as a Tool for Quality Assurance

By switching your IP location, you can view search results as your intended audience would, ensuring that your targeted search results appear as intended. 

When testing the appearance of your online ads or campaigns, use the same IP location when comparing your company’s results with the competition’s offerings.

Compare offers, content, and marketing tactics. You may spot differences and potential opportunities you may have overlooked.

Expanding Your Global Reach With SEO

expanding your global reach with seo

With a VPN, you can improve your business’s SEO ranking in different geographical locations. A VPN will mask your IP address and alter your virtual location to better understand the local market.

This allows you to examine your competitors’ strategies, design better campaigns, and protect your data and privacy while you conduct your SEO work.

Using a VPN to tailor your SEO strategy can launch your online business into the global market.



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