Google Ads Training: How to Maximize Your Google Ads ROI

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Google Adwords may seem like a hassle, but what if we told you it wasn’t that hard to use Google to expose your company and generate revenue? If you know the secrets for creating ads with Google then you will be sure to have a higher return on investment than any other online marketing platform.

First Things First, What Is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is an internet marketing platform that helps to get your business (online or brick and mortar) exposure. Google uses keywords to help your ads be exposed to the best target audience. 

These ads will appear on websites that relate to your keywords. Google will even place your website on their search results if someone searches one of the keywords that pertain to your business. 

When someone selects your ad or link you will get a portion of the money. Even though this isn’t a big sum, using Google Adwords can be efficient to help improve return on investment (ROI). 

How Do You Use Google Adwords? 

Signing up for Google Adwords is pretty simple. All you have to do is log into your business’ Gmail account and proceed to the Adwords section of the website. Here you will be prompted to answer questions about your business and website.

Keep in mind that the keywords you select can make or break your exposure. Select keywords that pertain to your business, but don’t have a lot of competition.

Google Adwords will cost you, but the price depends on what package you use. The more you spend the more likely your website will be seen by a wider audience.  

What Is ROI?

ROI is a measure of performance that is used to rate the efficiency of investments. It measures the amount of return on a specific investment. A great example is how much you spent on Google Adwords versus how much money you obtained from the marketing exposure.

To find ROI you can use the following equation:

  • current value of investment – cost of investment= X 
  • X / cost of investment

The current value of investment refers to the proceeds earned from the marketing campaign.

How Do I Maximize My Google Adwords ROI?

Now that we have touched base on what Google Adwords is and explained ROI, how will you use Google Adwords to maximize your ROI? The answer to this is actually pretty simple.

To start off Google Ads generates the highest ROI when compared to other advertisers. This means you’re already off to a great start by selecting Google Adwords to market. 

Remember how we said that Google will ask you questions when creating your ad campaign? Well, the answers to these questions are the key to having a high ROI.

Know Your Audience

Knowing who you want to target is the first step and key to having a high ROI. Make sure your audience is similar to customers that already buy from you. If you’re a local company limit your ads to the area if you’re in a niche then market to those who are interested in that niche.

You can discover your target’s demographics aren’t as hard as it sounds. With a few hours of research, you will have enough information to create a great campaign.

Know Your Competitors

The best way to research your competition is to spy on your competitors. Make a list of those you compete with and scope out their websites.

When searching through their web pages keep an eye on what keywords they use and which ones are used the most often. Use this information to use slightly similar keywords so you can generate your own business.

Create A Reason

It’s been said that consumers don’t buy a product without a reason. When coming up with a reason as to why someone should buy your product take your research into account.

Target this reason to the customer as something they need and make sure it differs from your competitors. When creating your ad you can integrate your reason such as “Helps solve your problems” for example.

Make Sure The Page Linked Counts

When linking a specific page to your ad you want to make sure it meets the following criteria:

  • It’s appealing
  • It pertains to the product or service
  • It leads the consumer to a sales page

If a website page doesn’t look nice then you can assume a customer will leave and not give you a sale. If you link an about page to a picture of a product that just doesn’t make sense and the customer will also leave instead of searching for the item they saw. Lastly, you want to land a sale so leading the customer to a sales page is the right way to do it.

Now It’s Time To Take What You Know And Create An Ad

Now that you know what research to do before creating your ad, generating an eyecatching and appealing ad for Google Adwords will be easy. Use what you learned above and create the best ad that appeals to your target audience while telling them why they need your product.

Don’t forget to use keywords that are different from your competitors. This is one of the most important steps so your ad doesn’t get lost within those you compete with.

You Have Completed Your Google Adwords Training, Now Watch Your ROI Soar

We have given you the top tips to create an eyecatching advertisement that will have consumers flocking to your business. By using these tips you will generate more traffic which will lead to a higher ROI.



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