Unleashing the Power of AI: The Ultimate Content Creation Tools in 2024

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Textual content creation is not a walk in the park. It can be quite difficult to create content that readers like, especially for beginners. Even professionals might sometimes require help creating good content. 

Fortunately, there is something that can help them, and it is artificial intelligence. Many tools that utilize AI have now become available.

These can streamline the process of content creation for writers. In this post, we’re going to mention some of the best AI tools that you can use for help if you’re a writer yourself.

So keep reading till the end if you want to find out what they are.

Tools That Can Help Writers In Content Creation

Below, we’re going to mention all the tools along with how exactly they can help writers in content creation.

1. ChatGPT

chat gpt logo

ChatGPT is perhaps the most used AI chatbot. It can generate any type of written result for the users.

They can ask it questions and tell it to provide information on a selected topic. Anything can be done or asked.

What makes this so useful for writers is that they can use it to research titles quickly and easily. Not only that, ChatGPT can generate entire outlines for their write-ups.

This can come in handy when they’re looking to write blogs or articles. Writers can simply create outlines using ChatGPT and start writing without having to figure out what information comes where.

These are just some of the things that ChatGPT can do to assist writers. The possibilities are endless. That said, you can get creative and find more ways to use it for assistance. 

To help you understand how the tool works and how you’re supposed to prompt it to do something, we’re attaching a screenshot below. 

chat gpt ai tool user interface

You can see from the screenshot how ChatGPT has generated an entire outline for us. If we tried to make one like this manually, it would’ve possibly taken us quite some time. Writers can use this to their advantage and save themselves time and effort too.

2. Jasper

jasper ai tool

Jasper is the second tool on our list. To be precise, it’s not exactly a tool but rather a toolkit since it offers more than one template that writers, SEO experts, and marketers can use. It can, however, only be used by purchasing the premium, as there’s no free version.

We’re going to focus on the templates that writers can use for assistance in content creation. Just to clarify, by “Templates” we mean the tools that Jasper offers. It’s just their own way of calling their tools, which we’re following now. 

Some of the templates that writers can use for help in content creation are:

  • “Blog Post Topic Ideas” 
  • “Blog Post Outline” 
  • “Blog Post Intro Paragraph”
  • “Content Improver” 

These are just some of the templates, as there are so many. That said, their purpose can easily be understood by their name, and all these can be found on the home screen of the platform.

Here’s a screenshot to show you what it looks like.

jasper a.i interface

Writers can open the one they want based on their needs and complete the prerequisites that each template needs to work.

These prerequisites aren’t that hard to complete, as they’re nothing more than providing the template for your article’s title, desired length, tone of voice, etc.

What makes Jasper different from ChatGPT is the fact that it has pre-made prompts for you to use and you won’t have to come up with one yourself.

3. Rytr

rytr content writing tool

Rytr is a free online writing assistant. It can assist writers in creating written content, whether it’s for blog writing or marketing.

Rytr allows the user to select their content’s use case. This can help writers create and polish their content specifically for what they want to use it for. 

To use it, all you have to do is provide Rytr prompts like the language, tone/voice, topic, keywords that you want to target, and the level of level of creativity you want it to write or polish the content in.

Once you’ve added all these things to the input box, simply click on “Ryte for me” and the tool will generate your content

Here’s a screenshot of the tool in action to demonstrate how it works for you. 

rytr ai content marketing tool

Writers can also use this tool to get ideas for their content as there might be times when they can’t come up with content ideas themselves. 

4. Shortly

shortly ai writing tool

Shortly is another online writing assistant that can assist writers in content creation.

What makes this tool stand out among the rest on this list is the fact that it doesn’t require prompts like the title or tone/voice but instead requires a few words and sentences of your content.

Once you’ve entered that, you can select the output length and hit the “Write for me” button to complete writing your content

This can particularly come in handy for writers who are looking to create long blog posts. Creating them can take some extra ideas and effort.

With Shortly, if you can’t seem to write to the desired length yourself, you can use it to get there. 

Besides, it is a freemium tool, so you can check out how well it works before purchasing its premium. You can get up to 4 uses for free, which we believe is enough for a demo. 

Now that you know what the tool is and how it works, here’s a screenshot showing it generating a piece of content for us.

shortly a.i writing tool

As you can see, the tool wrote a whole blog post for us simply by asking us for a few lines. 

5. Summarizer

ai summarizing tool

Summarizer.org is an online tool that can shorten the given content, essentially in the form of a summary. We’re adding it to this list because every writer has to deal with issues of conciseness. 

There might be times when a writer is struggling to create concise content and can’t seem to figure out how to do so.

In cases like these, they can write as much as they want and then run the write-up through Summarizer.org to make it concise. 

What the tool does is analyze the given content for the most important information and combine it to generate an output, leaving out all the irrelevant and unnecessary information.

It is a freemium tool, so writers won’t have to spend any money to make use of it. Sure, the premium version offers some extra features, but they’re not too many. 

The best thing about this tool is that it allows users to select the length of the output it generates, based on their preferences.

It also offers to provide shortened text in the form of bullet points, so writers can use them in their content if needed. 

With this out of the way, here’s a screenshot of the tool doing all the things we’ve mentioned above. 

summarizer a.i writing tool

As you can see, the tool has shortened the original text without leaving out the main information. 

6. Grammarly

grammarly logo

Grammarly is one of the most popular tools among writers. It is basically a grammar checker that can review and correct mistakes in your writing seamlessly. Not only can it review and correct grammar mistakes, but it can also fix errors in:

  • Clarity 
  • Sentence structure 
  • Delivery

The good thing about this tool is that it is not limited to being used online. Rather, it offers a downloadable application for Windows and other platforms and can then be integrated into MS Word.

Likewise, it offers a browser integration that works well with Google Docs. 

This can help writers create content that is free from any mistakes in grammar or the other ones we mentioned earlier.

That said, Grammarly is a freemium tool and works quite well in the free version. However, the paid version offers deeper checking and can point out mistakes that aren’t made in the free version. 

Lastly, Grammarly does require you to sign up before using it. So you’re going to have to create an account, even for the free version.

But all in all, the tool can prove to be quite helpful in creating write-ups and can be a lifesaver for writers. Here’s a screenshot of Grammarly reviewing errors in a write-up.

grammarly writing tool

These are some of the ultimate content creation tools that writers can use in 2024. All of the ones that we’ve mentioned are top-of-the-line and create accurate results. 

Final Words

ai tools for content creation

AI has become increasingly smarter and has now been integrated into many tools. These tools can assist writers in content creation.

In this post, we’ve mentioned some of the ultimate content creation tools that you can use for this purpose as a writer in 2024.



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