What Are Digital Marketing Tools

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8 SEO Tools Every  Business Needs Digital marketing tools are used by companies to promote products and services on websites, blogs, and other online channels. They also use these tools to communicate with customers and prospects. SEMrush Grow your online visibility. On all key channels. From just one platform. Over 50+ tools on SEO, content […]

What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

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Is PPC Advertising Worth It? PPC is an online advertising solution in which those advertising a product or service only have to pay whenever someone clicks on their ad.  If you’re ready to boost your marketing campaign, there are different ways an ad can appear for a user, the most common type is a paid […]

What’s Reputation Management?

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Imagine coming out with a new product that you know is perfect for your audience, but the launch flops.  You later learn that some bad reviews of your products have been circulating. If you want to keep that situation from happening, you should use the best reputation management software.  Then, you can keep track of good and […]

What is ADA Compliancy?

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Did you know that 61 million Americans live with a disability? Laws in the United States have made life for those with disabilities easier over the years.  However, with technological advancements and many businesses now having virtual storefronts, what does that mean for ADA compliance? If you are looking to learn more about ADA compliancy […]

TikTok has expanded its partnership with Shopify

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TikTok and Shopify partnership allows users to purchase videos from their favorite TikTok creators.  The new feature will be available for both iOS and Android platforms.  The new feature was built on top of TikTok’s existing store capabilities that already allow creators to sell merchandise online through a direct integration with Shopify. This means that […]

Hispanic Marketing in 2023

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Here are some helpful suggestions to help your team come up with ways to help you market to Hispanics consumers.

How to Post on LinkedIn

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Keep reading to learn how to post on LinkedIn. With these tips, you can create a LinkedIn marketing strategy built for your online success!