What is the Google BERT Update?

google update

The BERT update aims to tackle the interpretation of long-tail search queries. This will allow Google to display search results that are much more relevant.

Which Social Media Platform Do Millennials Use?

iphone with apps open

Millennials account for a quarter of the entire U.S. population. That comes out to 320 million people. In other words, a vast consumer audience. Once a millennial is loyal to a brand, they’re likely to stay faithful. They’re careful with their money, but in a way, that’s smart and calculated. What much of it comes down to […]

What Is Display Advertising?

laptop with display advertising

It’s hard to imagine the internet without ads popping up everywhere — on websites, in your social media feed, and everywhere else. But at one point, the internet didn’t have any ads. The first banner ad to ever appear was by AT&T. It appeared on HotWired.com in 1994. The ad simply read, “Have you ever clicked your […]